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Ronnie Coleman RESURRECT-P.M., 200 g Dose

Ronnie Coleman RESURRECT-P.M., 200 g Dose
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Geschmacksrichtung: Midnight Grape
Inhalt: 200 g Schraubdose

Produktbeschreibung des Herstellers:


"Ronnie, how do you grow with sleeping so little ?" This is a question I've heard many times over and over again during the course of my career. Anyone that knows me knows I go to sleep at awkward times and get minimal hours of rest. So how did I grow for all those years? Well my friends the answer is simple - I sleep hard, real hard. That's right, the deeper you sleep the less you need. That's why I created RESURRECT-P.M.

RESURRECT-P.M. is a unique combination of ingredients that I have taken over the years and then some. Now it's finally available in one knock-out formula ! So go ahead and annihilate your muscles in the gym and rest-assured RESURRECT-P.M. will help to repair them quicker.

Wake up feeling refreshed and revived, knowing your body went to work all night in deep R.E.M. sleep producing optimal levels of growth hormone and testosterone, all the while helping prevent the symptoms of overtraining, further fortifying the recovery process, putting you one step closer to real muscle growth. Help your body rise from the ashes with RESURRECT-P.M.

  - The world's first ultra-concentrated sleep and recovery formula
  - Promotes deep restful R.E.M sleep
  - Promotes relaxation of both body and mind
  - Maximises natural growth hormone and testosterone levels
  - Increases lean body mass and aids body fat reduction
  - Have the best sleep you will ever have

Ronnie Coleman RESURRECT-P.M.

Best Innovation

  - The world's first ultra-concentrated sleep and recovery formula
  - Combination of the strongest sleep and recovery agents ine one scoop.

Deep R.E.M Sleep
  - Promotes Deep & Restful Sleep
  - Induces relaxation of both body and mind

HICA Leucic Acid
  - HICA: A Revolutionary New Supplement Technology
  - Significantly increases Lean body Mass
  - Prevents overtraining and reduces DOMS

Optimal Results
  - Designed to achieve and enhance all types of desired results
  - Ideal for stacking with Fat Burners or Weight Gainers
  - Stacks great with Myo-Blitz

GH & Test support
  - Maximises Natural Growth Hormone and Testosterone levels
  - Increases Lean Body Mass and Aids Body Fat reduction

Creatine Gluconate
  - Proven to be Superior in Solubility, Bio-Avaliability & ATP Production
  - No Loading, Cramping or Bloating
  - Uses Glucose to Improve intestinal & Cellular Absorption

Directions for use:
Recommended serving is 1 scoop mixed with 200 ml of water on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to sleep. Take RESURRECT-P.M. for 5 days in a row and then take 2 days off.

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